Solo and Small Law Firm Owners...

Become Your Own Rainmaker

Make More Money at Work
Experience More Love at Home

Bring More Clients in The Door

This is how you increase your take-home pay

Get More Cases Out the Door

Be the hero and create raving fans as you smoothly complete the cases

Live a Great Life

Spend as much time as you’d like with your family and enjoy the life and money you’re making

You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Making Money and Making a Difference – or Spending Time with Family.

Lawyers face difficult career choices…

  • Large student loans
  • Hyper-competitive cultures
  • Finding clients
  • Tyranny of billable hours

… can leave you tired, unfulfilled and missed by your family or loved ones.

Legal B-School Puts You In Control

  • Work The Hours You Want
  • Make The Income You Want
  • all While Helping The Clients You Want

You will build and grow your firm with our help – whether your next step is a First Sale, or to become a Millionaire.

We are experts in the fields of Law, Business, and Personal Development. We have started and grown our businesses, and now we’ll help you.

B-School’s Rainmaker Plan for Lawyers

Step 1

Setup a Call with an Advisor

Step 2

Get Clarity and Inspiration to Transform Your Life into What You Really Want

Step 3

Make Money
Help Appreciative People
Live Well

The Legal Rainmaker Program Includes:

Getting More Clients In The Door

  • Ethical Marketing
  • Explosive Lead
  • Generation
  • Pre-Sold Referral Generation
  • Confident Sales/Engagement
  • Stress-Less Client Onboarding
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Praiseworthy Client Communication
  • 5 Star Testimonials
  • Get More Enthusiastic Referrals

Getting More Cases Out the Door with Ease

Having Plenty of Time to Live a Great Life with Your Family

  • Ethical Marketing
  • Explosive Lead Generation
  • Pre-Sold Referral Generation
  • Confident Sales/Engagement

“Legal B-School works at the intersection of getting more client in the door, getting more cases out the door with more ease, and having plenty of time to live a great life with your family.”

The Legal RainmakerTM Program

Designed for you if you are :
  1. Starting from scratch, need to setup your firm, and get your first clients
  2. Growing your firm with more cases and adding team members
  3. Transitioning from practicing attorney to law firm owner, leveraging other attorneys for case work

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Too Many Lawyers Are Underpaid and Unfulfilled

  • Tethered to Billable Hours
  • Grinding away in BigLaw
  • Underpaid and overworked in government
  • Not using their Law Degree
  • Making an unhappy and unappreciative boss rich

When you own your own firm, and know how to grow it, you get to enjoy:
“The Total Owner Benefit”

Total Owner Benefit is the Income, Profit, and Equity that the owner gets to keep.

It’s how successful lawyers move from a salary to wealth. They get to:

  • Help more people
  • Make more money
  • Have more freedom